Howard Richard Lieberman

Performing Presentations

Customized to support current business goals and present circumstances.  Emotionally engaging and topically relevant.        650-561-9000


Speaks primarily to industrial, academic and government groups in the US and Asia.


Performed his compositions in North and South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


Significant impact innovating within computer, audio &  innovation industries.

Modern business groups deserve fresh talks customized to a rapidly changing world demanding real-time relevancy, as each day surfaces new opportunities and challenges. Developers, customers and investors are best served by different messages to help them be part of a larger targeted communities.

All business leaders know innovation is needed to achieve potential and taking no chances is more risky than taking qualified ones. The half life of companies, industries and is decreasing.

Excellent keynoters adaptively perform unique custom presentations derived by rapidly extracting each situations essence before and during the event. This is best delivered by an extremely experienced multi-domain industry professional customizing in real time in order to help managment achieve their goals.